Learning Today... Leading Tomorrow


Connecticut Boys State Alumni

As a Connecticut Boys State Alumni, your part of a privileged group of citizens who shape the future as leaders of tomorrow. If you enjoyed the program and the experience you gained through it, we invite you to show your support in the way you best see fit:

Servant leadership is at the heart of our program. Not surprisingly, we’re staffed 100% by volunteers — men and women who give up time away from family, friends and other obligations because of a commitment to perpetuating the ideals of this program. Do you have what it takes?

You should be aware that someone sponsored your participation in the Connecticut Boys State program. When you have the means, we welcome your contribution to help sustain the program and sponsorship of future Boys Staters just like you.

If you have not already, you will run into Boys State T-shirts throughout your life on college campuses, in community organizations and at airports around the world (yes, really). Share your contact information and we will periodically reach out with updates about the program!