Learning Today... Leading Tomorrow


Nomination Process

The American Legion believes our American government can survive only with an educated populace. By teaching youth to understand and appreciate our democratic republic, America can remain strong and ensure our freedom for future generations. High school officials (administrators, faculty members, coaches, fine arts teachers, and/or counselors) may nominate qualified students meeting the eligibility requirements and selection criteria.

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Nomination Information

Nominating Teachers and High School Principals –

The purpose of this memo is to introduce you to the Connecticut Boys State program (www.ctboysstate.org)…..it will take 4 minutes to read and take action, and I know it will have a positive impact on your school next year by doing so!

The Connecticut Boys State program

For 80 years, the one week long Connecticut Boys State program has used the concept of “Learning Today – Leading Tomorrow ” to teach incoming High School Seniors these main points:

* A new appreciation for patriotism (flag etiquette, service to both our state and our country, and an understanding of the part they are to play in society as they become adults)
* New and lasting friendships with young men from across the state
* A better understanding of how to build consensus through civil discourse and debate
* Knowledge of the two party political system and putting that knowledge into action
* An eagerness to be a servant leader in their schools and communities (if they do not already possess such a characteristic)

Each year, over 200 rising High School Senior young men are provided an opportunity to develop leadership skills in a fast-paced, energetic program unlike any other that exists in our state!  Each year’s program is scheduled from Saturday through Thursday, during the last week of June, on the campus of the University of New Haven in West Haven. Please check the website for this year’s exact program dates.

What we are seeking from you

We want your nominations of qualified rising Seniors!  We are working with the University of New Haven (where we hold this event) to accommodate up to 250 young men, and we are excited to offer your school the chance to send qualified young men to this program!  Specific facts/details about the program are available in the attached fact sheet and associated brochure.

The Profile of the “best” Boys State delegate

So you know, the best Boys State representatives possess the following characteristics:
* Strong Academic performance/a “quick study” – this fast-paced program requires these young men to learn quickly and adapt to changing situations, so academic strength is a must
* Excellent interpersonal skills – gets along well with others; possess a balanced perspective and shows maturity for his age; well-mannered and self-confident (without being arrogant)
* Leadership skills – those who thrive at Boys State are those that “lead leaders” in your schools and are seeking to “change” your schools for the better
* Solid oratorical skills – Excellence in persuasive speaking and confidence in large group settings is helpful
* A hard worker – someone who will “jump in” and volunteer versus sitting on the sidelines and cheering

Once you are ready to nominate students for consideration, you should coordinate your nomination with and receive sign off from your Principal or his/her designee as well as working closely with an American Legion post in your area.  When your school has agreed to a nominee (or more than one if you feel that would be appropriate), you will then have the nominated delegate(s) follow the attached approach to work with a local/regional American Legion post to apply online as outlined here: https://www.ctboysstate.org


I believe the link below summarizes nicely the excellent curriculum that exists at Connecticut Boys State: Please take a few moments to peruse both it and all other materials found on our website at https://www.ctboysstate.org

I would love to tell you more about the program and how the nomination process works!  Please either e-mail me at the address below so we can get you what is needed.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes,

Harry R Hansen Jr
Department Adjutant/Program Coordinator
Connecticut Boys State
e-mail address: ctadj@ctlegion.org